ac adapter for turbo grafx cd question

I have a turbo grafx cd add on, but it does not have the ac adaptor. From what I understand these no longer exist and are impossible to attain.

I tested the cd system with the ac adaptor from the turbo grafx 16 and it worked with cds. It powered up fine. Is there any problems using the same type of ac adaptor for each? Any insight on this would be appreciated

These are perfectly attainable from for about $11. Using the wrong plug is not a good idea. Getting a new adapter is much easier than finding someone to repair the cd unit.


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somewhere on the CD unit near the AC plug pin should be a diagram telling the voltage and polarity.

it would like like this:

- -C- + 9v (imagine a dot inside the C)

or something similar... where the dot is called tip. So that diagram would be a positive tip 9v plug. Just go to radioshack and buy a plug that matches it.

Actually a little research shows it is a:

11V DC 1.53A (1530 mA)

Center plug is negative, the outer is positive.