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Anyone remember it?

For those that don't, or never heard of it, it was an online word game, where you would have to make a sentence from random letters and you would have to vote on your favorite besides yours. You get points however many votes you got, and when someone reaches 30, she/he will go head to head in a face off against that who is in second place. Very Fun.

I remember it went from to uproar/flipside, some ass time ago, and then, months and months ago, the uproar posted that it was going to be down temporarily... more like indefinately seeing as it's still not up!

Anyhow I was just gonna ask if you all know anything similar that could substitute for it, I need a fix.
That game was the oddest thing I had ever played, there is a substitute, but I forget the name of it. It'll probably come to me later in the day.
i liked it but then i had a 28.8k modem and i was preserving my precious bandwidth for downloads. so i never really played it all that much.