Adding a 50/60hz switch to a Dreamcast

Thought I'd another thread to the forum today

I followed some directions on DC Emulation's message board about adding a 50/60hz switch to a dreamcast (you can check it out here), but came up with no luck... before I go to the trouble of popping my machine open again and fiddling around with anything, does anyone know how well this mod works, if it does at all? I love playing my games (on all my systems) in 60hz, and some of my imports clunk along at 50hz on my machine by defalut... it's very irritating.

Any thoughts or feedback would be *really* appreciated. Thanks for hearing me out.

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urgh. not again.


that bridge has no influence on pal/ntsc.

it ONLY is for ntsc systems, and it ONLY makes them center the screen on PAL games. it doesn't switch between 50/60 hz, or has any effect at all on PAL machines. there is no known way to switch the DC between 50/60 Hz in hardware.