adding dummy files to isos

i burnt a copy of cotton 2

normally when one puts in a game the motor stops spinning completely (first swap time)

with games that are really small however (cotton, cotton 2, shinrei jusaishi taroumaru, msx collection) the disc doesn't stop spinning completely and for the most part they are hard to get to boot using swap tricks

so i used autodummy to pad the cotton 2 iso out to 300 megs

and burnt a copy

the disc stopped spinning like a regular game and booted right up frustration free on one swap

gonna try it on taraumaru next and see if it cures the cdda sync and dropout problems
Oh cool. I've been looking for a tool that can do user defined dummy sizing. AutoDummy does the job nicely.
It always amazes me, the lengths people will go to in order not to have to get a mod board for their Saturn. ;-)
i got one

i only got one though and it was fried

now i'm in the process of buying a car

so i don't have any money to be that frivolous with

besides i've gotten the swap trick down to more or less 100%

so the amount of agrivation casued by performing it is very minimal.

padding small isos is probably a good idea anyway and i stand by that