Adobe Acrobat 5.x

Does the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader software have spyware? I've read that it does, others claim it's a feature. I'm not sure if this is a rumor or not. If 5.x does have spyware, anyone know where I can download the 4.0 installer (US English version)?
I don't think it does, but it probably tries to install Spyware.

I've seen some programs that try to install Gator and Comet Cursor, and by default have them checked in the install procedure, which most just "next, next, next..."

often, the checkboxes are hidden behing a "Custom Install" option.
Only "spyware-ish" feature I've noted is that it periodically calls home and checks for upgrades, which most software does nowadays. If you're unsure of some software, install a firewall app, it should tell you of anything odd going on (you'll still get the fun of cleaning up after any spyware should you happen to install some, though).