Adult only titles


Mid Boss
BLond Justice , Love Bites , and Immortal desires .

If anybody wants me to rip these titles and put them on thier ftp let me know . I will as soon as I recieve them .
I got these today .

They suck!!!

Better nudity than plumbers but less ineractivity .

Which one do you want torx?
hahaha what did you think it was going to be Neuro Dancer? There just videos you watch dude. I used to own them, but I dont anymore...please upload them bin/cue to Haukkes FTP when you get the chance...I would like to watch them bites was neato.....Live Forever!! hahahahaha I gotta see it again!!
What is nuero dancer any good ?

What do you do in that one?

Ok what title should I upload first , im low rent so ill upload one now , one in a week and one in another week .

Sounds like love bites ?
yes love bites would be just fine.
and yes as far as interactivity goes, NeuroDancer is the Rarest 3DO title ever, no store I know of sold it..... but I managed to get one from someone for 5 bucks and I copied it and sold the origonal for 130 bucks.
Its a game where you go through air tubes and steal information from people and credits to use the internet in your home, your pc has a hologram thing attatched and you use the credits you steal to women and tell them what to do.
use your imagination.
It is by far the most adult type game there is for any home system....3DO ONLY!!
Yes, I would buy NeuroDancer for 39 bucks its really really rare.
and no emus made for 3DO just find someone with a PC 3do blaster card...turn your PC into a full 3DO unit.
or just buy the console for like 40 bucks.
then youll never know the true beauty behind the name 3DO.... Its a masterpiece....a dream machine, a system made by trip hawkins set to be the future gaming many cases its still to this day a remarkable machine....its got something most other advanced systems laserdisc type games that no other system has! So go ahead and forget 3do....your better off with your head in the sand anyways with that attitude! I paid 700 bucks for my 3do and still am satisfied with its games....If you wont fork over 40 bucks either 1 your have no brain, or 2. you have no style and cannot ever call yourself a gamer..
3DO Rules!!
You want me to tell you all the FACTS I know about 3do? I know more then you most likely =P Back then I studied EACH system and knew why it was made etc.

ALSO I have the Jaguar Cd.....never did need it. LOL but Tempest was BEST for the Jag!
"Yeah and 3do is a must have for all people who love rpg's"

yeah and your a retard
RPGs are not the end all be all of fact all rpgs nowadays are complete crap!! even If you must get into RPGs go old fashioned 2d all the way....if you want to get something remotely close to nice LD games get the 3DO. and so what if you bought a jaguar cd you got ripped many games came out for it like 10 heheheheh my friend bought a Jaguar and it still is collecting dust to this day, Atari is a horrible company....

Mystic...tell me what you know about 3DO Im curious as hell what you know that I dont, why wont you buy this beautiful machine??
Hey im playing luciennes quest right now , the only (close) true rpg ever made for this system .

Rpg's are probably my favorite kind of game . that and arcadey action types .
well youre lucky all I have right now is Guardian War and its horrible....and not to knock RPGs I LOVE FF2 and FF1 and the Ys series and Dragon Slayer and Dungeon Explorer II Sword of Vermillion...etc....but when it got to crap like Guardian War and Final Fantasy 7 rpgs started going became a more or less FMV fest and the game itself that you played was boring same thing over and over never going from knight to paladin or anything special, just gaining levels till the cows come home!! boring graphics (blocks and squares for people dont thrill me at all) and if you listen the the sound effects of the swords and stuff my god youd swear neo geo sounds better!! wtf?? Oh well. at least Ive got good Ol Final Fantasy 2 on the PSX with new FMV and the same great old storyline and music that I love so dear!!

Yeah, I've always wanted a 3d0 when it first came out but 699.99 was way too much for my blood. I was only in High school at that time and 699.99 was a lot to ask for.

I love those FMV/Laserdisc type of games so I think that is why I will like the 3d0 a lot.

I'm curious about the japanese 3d0 games...i heard policenauts is out on that system?