After Playing PSII (SPOILERS!)


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After just beaten Phantasy Star II a couple hours ago, and having beaten Final Fantasy X one year ago this sunday (June 1 2002 is when I beat it), I've come to the conclusion, that FFX is really, for the most part, a PSII ripoff. Square took so many plot elements from PSII, that it's nuts.

Mainly, the Earthmen part in the ending. Earth became destroyed, because they became so reliant on technology (that what it seemed to me anyway), that their planet got destroyed due to it (FFX: Sin attacks everyone because of this same thing).

Another thing, the Earthmen wanted to take over Algo (FFX: Seymour wanting to become Sin). With Mother Brain controlling everything (actually, the Earthmen, because THEY bult Mother Brain, to slowly wipe out all the Algoians), everyone became reliant on it controlling the weather, the crops, etc. Comparing it to FFX is the reverse however. In FFX, Sin was (this was Wakka's superstition) was the planet's punishment, for technology becoming so advanced, that no one had to do anything. With PSII, people became so reliant on Mother Brain, that if Mother Brain went corrupt/malfunctioned, everything would go to hell, life would be normal. Whereas, Sin was the bad guy. To most people in PSII, Mother Brain, was the "good guy".

Now, of course, there's all the religious jumble in FFX....
You didn't fit Dark Force into the picture, you have to find a place for it! It could very well have been that although the Earthmen did build Mother Brain, their intentions were not to destroy the people of algol, but rather control them. Making the same mistakes over again, perhaps - which is why the heroes wanted to free Algol and forge their own destiny. However, with Dark Force in the picture, who knows. He could have corrupted Mother Brain and/or the Earthmen.