Ahh double switch! =D

This game was more fun the night trap as you DIDNT have to FULLY do traps only and you LEAST got to see some of the game ;) Im currently playing it now...never did beat this one....
I thought I was alone in this world as far as liking Double Switch. At last someone else appreciates this game. I don't know why, but I actually liked a lot of the old FMV games that were regarded as terrible...this one included. It's good to see someone else that likes this game. I did beat it once by the way... the timing on some of the traps was a pain...
yes it is. I remember playing that game.. i liked it, but i didn't like the password expiration thingy. That sux ass
Any game with Blondie in it can't be all that bad ;)

I thought the production was pretty decent on that, the game was certainly fun, but difficult.

Gallstaff, Double Switch was one of the easiest to come by sega CDs I found in trade shops, I gave 5 bucks for mine.
I just finished playing Double Switch for the first time in years...and I suck at it. I forgot all the patterns, but it'll come back to me if I play a couple of other games. I remember playing this game for hours back in the day. And to answer the question on whether or not it's worth the painful download...well that depends on what kind of internet connection you have. If you're on dial-up, then I'd recommend finding it elsewhere, like on ebay or a local game store. If you have broadband and a decent speed place you can get it from then by all means go for it.
A great game .. I've always been partial to the FMV games, and even though a COREY was in it, the game had a lasting and fun appeal to it.

It's worth the d/l if you enjoy games like NightTrap and Wirehead .... It falls into that slot ... I'll admit, at first there will be a little fustration factor, but after 5 minutes you get the hang and will enjoy it ...
As for password, what you do it save the brm file and keep it safe, Should you mess up and run out, use backup. Also Im on part 2....still stuck lol
i have my copy for 7 bucks very rare here.

but is a really hard game i never can pass to part II.

AHHHHHHHHH!!! i miss my eternal champions..... ???

i interchange my EC for Robo Aleste (robo aleste is a cool shooter but not cool like EC)
i use my original SCD to play the game... can't keep the passwords safe lol.
I doubt anyone is still following this message thread, but I believe I still have my step-by-step directions for passing the game that I compiled as I played this game endlessly back in 94 or so. I LOVE the FMV games for Sega CD, obviously they look outdated now but they're still the main reason I have kept my system for all these years. If anyone needs help with this or any other FMV game, just gimme a shout.
Ok this is something weird i just saw in a store: I saw what looks to be a remake of "who shot johnny rock" for xbox... but it's a dvd. Not a dvd game, just a dvd. They also had mad dog mcree there too... what are these. They can't be movies and they aren't games... but they are for the xbox.

... The hell?
I've sen them too .. ( They have a sticker saying " Works With XBOX, PS2 , etc .. )

They are really only dvd movies that have interactive controls. You can actually play them on a stand alone TV DVD player .. ( however, imagine trying to control a cross-hair or do anything like a controller could with your remote control !!!! )

I've Seen -

Mad Dog

Mad Dog 2

Space Pirates

Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair 2

Time Traveler - ( an amazing game in it's time, hours in the arcade on this while people were playing the original MK )
Yea, it has such BAD acting that is was a riot to play ... I remember the cabinet actually saying SEGA on it ... But I've seen it under many different names ..