Quote: from WeltallXero on 2:59 pm on Dec. 1, 2001

I just bought a model 1 scd off ebay myself...only to find that it didn't work. The box was smashed up pretty good, so I'm guessing UPS had soomething to do with it. The power light flashed once when I power up the genny, but nothing else. My genesis works fine (tested on a friends scd). I took the SCD apart, only to find that the two magnets (perhaps ferrite bars?) on either side of the connector board were cracked in half. Are those vital to the system, or could it be the fuse (my friend's AC adaptor blew when it was hooked to my SCD). Any help here would be appreciated.

This is exactly what is happening with my model 1 scd.
On the Genesis/sega cd connector, i took it apart and examined it, on the back there is a line of very small brown chips c1 and c3 are missing, are they the cause of my problem?