My Sega CD model 2 is broken. It seems like it's not getting power at all. The genesis works, and it was working a couple of days ago. Is there a fuse anywhere on the Sega CD or something? Or is it totally broken.
yeah, there's a fuse. open it up, near the back there's a greenish oval shaped blob.. looks kinda like an upright installed resistor, just larger and green. that's the fuse.
Thanx Arakon... as always, you provide. Is the Fuse the same as in the DC controller port AKA 1/4 watt, %5 tolerance, 10-ohm resistor? If so, I got 4 extra laying around! Yay! I can fix it tonight! If not, ####.
no, it's no resistor. you can try to bridge it temporarily to see if the system will power up then, but should replace it with a fuse of the same type afterwards.
The fuse is located near the power input - just to the right and down a bit. It is marked with "L 2 1/2 F" or something similar. Like Arakon said, it looks just like an ordinary resistor, except green.
cause i dont see anything that looks like a resisitor on the top, i see lots of capacitors, and theres a couple that are black, with green on the top, but no full green ones. the only thing i see that remotely matches the description is on the underside of the board, and that looks exactly like a resistor except green.
Hmm couldnt help but reading. Your all wrong....if the gens turns on and sega cd doesnt it is not ALWAYS the fuse! One switch the power plugs see if the gens turn on. If it does then you know that isnt the prob.

2: (The 80% of time prob) CLEAN the connecters on the sega to cd (the chip and where the chip connects) chances are if you do this it will work just fine again. Trust me ive done it many times and still do. =) (Treat it like a cartrigde when cleaning)
Quote: from SegaSaturnDDR on 3:02 am on Nov. 26, 2001

nothing, just bands of color

If it sounds like a resistor, and looks like a resistor, as is the case here, then it probably is. What colours, how many are there and in which order?

Hmmm...do you have access to a digital camera? Post some pics of both sides of the board if you can - I really can't see why it should be different to mine at all (or indeed the one that Arakon described).

Incidentally Mysticales (I'm sorry, but that just looks too close to "testicles" to me...:biggrin: ), the only reason that it seems like a blown fuse is that everything sounds exactly like what happened to me - almost at exactly the same time as it happened to SegaSaturnDDR. I too cleaned the contacts on my Megadrive (all three, actually) but it made no difference at all - and mine were pretty filthy.
sorry i have no camera, but the "resistor" in question has a fat red stripe, a small red stripe, a small blue stripe, and a small red stripe. could you tell me what it says on the board around the fuse exactly? because if i knew that im pretty sure i could find it.
Quote: from Curtis on 9:46 pm on Nov. 26, 2001

Incidentally Mysticales (I'm sorry, but that just looks too close to "testicles" to me...:biggrin: )...

Hey wouldn't it be more like Testicales? ;)

I can see your point though
the board says f301 next to the fuse

its plain green with f2 1/2A written on it

the only thing close to it component wise is a diode, its around 1" from the power socket
ok, i see f301 on the back of the board, its where the resisitor thing i was describing was, and theres a little white box thing soldered in there, is that white box it?it says 2.5A on it, perhaps refering to the voltage it handles before blowing? and i see nothing that says f2 1/2A