akuma master whoever can please help


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As you may have read I have pcbs that ive gotten from local arcades and off of ebay , but a bunch of them are missing roms . How much would you charge me to burn new ones for the boards ? Ive read that you can take the mame sets and it and it works very well . Local shops are tring to bend me over to let me do this . So if you have a burner and are willing to be resonable then it might be good for all of us .
I'm not really in a position to do this at the moment. IIRC, Arakon has the notable advantage of actually having access to a decent ROM burner...
Well the chips are light it shouldnt cost that much to ship it here just time as you know a week or so .

Thats what I meant to type akron , master whoever can help .

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if anything, you'll have to send me the eproms needed and the roms to burn on them beforehand. eproms are expensive as heck over here currently.
ok cool

I need to figure out what type they are and where to buy them and find the roms .

Thanks alot .