FS: Plat. Modded Gamecube and Ind. Gamecube

I have for sale a couple Nintendo Gamecube sytems:

Platinum Nintendo Gamecube - Modded w/XenoGC

$80.00 shipped OR BEST OFFER.

This Lot Includes:
  • Nintendo Gamecube System - Platinum DOL-001 (USA)
  • 1x Nintendo A/V Cables
  • 1x Nintendo Power Supply
  • 1x Nintendo Platinum Controller
  • 1x 4mb Third Party Memory Card
  • XenoGC 2.0 Modchip installed - Allows DVD-R Booting.
This unit is in good cosmetic shape, but is missing the bottom cover plates for the various access ports. It works great and plays burned Mini-DVD-R's just fine. The XenoGC is a direct boot modchip meaning it loads burned media just like original media. The chip has been professionally installed and works great. This is an awesome bundle! Get it while you can!



Indigo Nintendo Gamecube System

$42.00 shipped OR BEST OFFER.

This Lot Includes:
  • Nintendo Gamecube System - Indigo DOL-001 (USA)
  • 1x Nintendo A/V Cables
This unit is in brand new condition, the case is in great shape, I've checked the laser to make sure it's at a good level and it indeed is. The power supply is *NOT* included, but you can pick them up at local shops for a fair price these days. This would make a great replacement for your damaged Gamecube, or make a part of a gift. Gamecube's still are selling well in shops all over, it would make a great Value system while you wait for the next gen system's to come down in price.



Payment / Offers

If you are interested in either of these great items, please send me a PM.

I accept Paypal, have references, and will ship as soon as payment is confirmed.

While I would prefer payment, I would consider a trade of some sort for a great condition Nintendo DS Lite system or other items. Just PM me and we'll work something out.

Thanks for looking!