Albert Odyssey

Hey guys,

I've been trying to get into the Sega Saturn, and am currently looking for games on the internet. I found a copy of Albert Odyssey, near mint, for about $37. Is it worth getting this game? I like the old Square SNES rpgs, which this title is compared to. Also, are there any other RPGS for the Saturn I should look out for? Thanks.
I don't like this game.

So I don't think you should get it.

Characters have no charisma, story is boring, game system will stressed you.

Graphism are quit nice.

It is a RPG lost among all the others.

Best RPG for saturn is Shining Force 3.
Considering the lack of Saturn RPG games translated to english, I think would be interesting to you get this game.

It reminds me Lunar games, with less fun of course.

The story is medium, the graphics are overall too.

What impressed me was the music. What great songs I heard!

I like this game.
Albert Odyssey is generally considered one of the better RPGs as far as I know... However, $37 seems a little much for it. I'm sure you can get it cheaper, say $20 to $25.

For other RPGs...try Grandia or Phantasy Star or Shining Force...I do want to stress though that I don't play RPGs myself and can only pass on what I hear from other people.
Thanks for the advice guys! I think I'll pass on Albert Odyssey, then. I have just recieved Shining Force 3, Shinging the Holy Ark, and Legend of Oasis, which should keep me busy.
I found Albert Odyssey very underwhelming. I think I only played it through because I was on a hardcore Saturn riff where I wanted to play every Saturn game I could get my hands on to exhaustion. In retrospect, I wish I spent more time with my PSX or other Saturn games. Forgettable story, gameplay (other than the fact that it is extremely boring -- I remember that) and characters. Only bother with it if you only play RPGs, have played most everything else on any system noteworthy, don't interact with other humans, have nothing better to do, etc. etc. (or are on a weird Saturn riff where you have to play every game to exhaustion..)

Actually, I kind of enjoyed Albert Oddyssey. I've played it through a couple times, and after reading this and thinking about the game, just might go and do it again. I remember waiting for it's release date, and when it came out, and the game store called, I rushed there immediately to pick it up. Went home, and couldn't put it down until I finished it. Not the best RPG i've played, but by far not the worst. Very enjoyable. I guess i'm just a sucker for old SNES rpg's though. Which brings up another point. From how I understand it, Albert Oddyssey is compared mostly to SNES rpg's because originally it WAS an snes rpg. It just got turned into a saturn title. I believe it was on SNES in japan, (as well as saturn) and I could be wrong, but from what I remember it was also a sequel in a series. I just remember hearing all that waaaaaaaaaay back when it first came out. But I could be wrong, it's been a few years, and the info could've gotten mixed up in my brain. Wouldn't be the first thing that got mixed up in here...............
It's true that AO and AO2 came out for the Super Famicom in Japan, but the Saturn version is called AO: Legend of Eldean. According to the Lunatic Zero's review at GameFAQs, the Saturn version is:

"... a gaiden (side-story) to the original Albert Odyssey srpgs for the super famicom which were never released stateside, and there are a couple of minor references to the previous games."

Even the name of the Saturn's Japanese version is called "Albert Odyssey Gaiden: Legend of Eldean."

Screenshots to AO and AO2 for the Super Famicom can be found at