all 3do owners

sorry for posting this here but i needed a quick answer -- if you had a chioce of a brand new fz-10 system or a used fz-1 system for the same price which would you go for
I have the FZ-10, it's a very basic model, i can't compare it to the FZ-1. I can tell you that it's got a clam shell cd drive, and i've had no problems with it. Oh yeah, and it takes a little less than a minute to load a game.
fz-1 is more of a solid system. mine hasn't fucked up once since about 1990. Definately go with fz-1. Also, if you plan on playing back ups the fz-1 is also best because it is not pickey about media.
umm Gallstaff 3DO came out in 1993, and yes both have same features pretty much but fz-1 is more expensive than the pop top version by FAR!! $700 for FZ-1, $200 for FZ-10 when it came out.
Typo, i musta hit the 0, saw 4 numbers and figured it was a 3

And yes get the fz-1 just backing up both myself and FAKK2 again.

Well.. there is one thing the FZ-10 has that the Goldstar and FZ-1 didn't (Which is why I got one; I have a Goldstar as well). The FZ-10 has component (i.e. red-wht-yellow) direct outs on the back.. AS WELL as an s-video out. It is the only way (I know of) that you can play a 3DO in S-Video. Also.. think about this (which is why some people prefer a Sega CD II over a SCD I w/the motorized tray).. when that tray motor dies.. the "non-mechanical" flip-lid will still be working.. hopefully.

Uhhh.. about that WHOLE component/S-Video out thing? Nevermind.. I just looked at the back of my Goldstar (it's been awhile :
: ). Can't vouch for the FZ-1 though.. I was told it doesn't have them.