All Dreamcast Capcom games $19.95 from Capcom (nt)

All of their titles are $19.95. They say limited availability, but I think that's a touch optimistic of them. After all, Capcom still has a few Saturn games in the bargin bin [$9.95 if you're wondering].

For people near a Fry's Electronics... Shenmue is $16.95.
At first it sounded redundant because Capcom games are [made] from Capcom. If you had stated Capcom's web site, I would've thought differently. ;)

For a moment there, I almost forgot that Capcom's web site is also an online store. I've bought my copy of Street Fighter Collection (Saturn) from there several years ago. I ordered one copy and was charged for one copy, but they've sent me two copies, each a day apart. Weird, huh?
Why, of course ;) The 1st copy I opened to play, the other is still in it's original shrink wrap and inside the padded shipping envelop (yes, I've opened the padded shipping envelop to confirm). I will always treasure it. :)