All of my genny/sega cd/32x stuff....

it includes a genny2/sega cd 2 combo (no hookups), a genny1,sega cd1 and 32x combo (all hookups)

okay for the 32x: ive got night trap, metal head, shadow squadron, virtua racing, virtua fighter and tempo. all mint complete except for shadow squadron which has a little bit of bang up on the box.

sega cd games: sonic cd, lunar 1, lunar 2, tomcat alley, who shot johnny rock, wheel of fortune, the animals, prize fighter, cadillacs and dinosaurs, sewer shark, ground zero texas, nhl 94, silpheed, cliffhanger, rise of the dragon, espn baseball tonight, double switch, dracula, corpse killer, demolition man, mortal kombat, loadstar, kriss kross, ecco tides of time.

also a backup cart and get this. the original uncensored red box night trap!

all games are complete and most are in very good condition.

asking $250 shipped. or would take trades or offers. looking to get a new in box xbox.
god damn if I had the money man I would buy it right now
*eyes whole package again*

damn, I wish I had the $$$ for it all but I'm running low right now. May I ask what prompted you to sell such a nice little collection?

well simply put i dont play them anymore. plus theres a lot of other stuff thats come into my life that doesnt let me have a lot of free time. so the few hours i get id rather be out of the house than in front of a tv.
Hi; you have an splendid collection here, I want it but must know...

Can I pay you via Paypal?

What would be the shipping fee to Mexico?

And which games do you still have?

Thanks and hope to make business with you!
If i only saw this earlier I jsut spent all my savings yesterday. Nice collection U have there!!

BTW Burning Angel where are you located?

o ¿en que ciudad estas?