Alundra port/clone


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Does anyone know how to go about extracting the assets and data from the binary surixurient's talking about? Any pointers to would be most helpful, looks like the "DATAS.bin" has pretty much all the good stuff in it, and from the looks of it, surixurient's the only one who was able to decode it (I've looked around quite a bit). And now he's gone and left their legacy inaccessible.


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unfortunatly @surixurient has disappeared :( he did impressive job with this Alundra port/clone
He had analyzed/decoded moste alundra event.


Even the screenshots attached in posts from 2014 are now lost. All this work being in "Schrödinger's cat state" is really a pity.
@surixurient, please return back, everyone here love you :)


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I was able to scavenge most of the screenshots using Wayback Machine.

They're now in Microsoft's safe hands, as I uploaded them to one of my github repos.