Amusing article about mobile Tetris

Tetris is the 2nd most addictive game ever to nights. IMO of course.

I don't think i could have stopped either, addictive games leave you craving more, thinking about it before you sleep, in that weird state, where anything you think about seems plausible.

... falling T bricks.. where should i place them?.....
my ex-friend his parents were forced to destroy his copy of tetris for the 64 cuz he would literally just play and play and play he has a real problem with it and Nights is flipping addictive i never knew a saturn could overheat
Wait wait wait... the phone wouldn't interfear if he weren't getting or making calls would it? I don't think it would matter if he was playinga game on it, just like if he were playing a gameboy or listening to a cd.
So what's the difference between playing a game on a mobile phone and playing one on a Gameboy?
Even when you're not making calls mobile phones are in contact with the base stations, telling them where it is and which cell it will use. When you're in an airplane you'll probably be out of range, meaning the phone will turn its transmitter up to full blast in an attempt to locate a base station. And even if you're in range, you'll be switching cells like crazy, meaning there'll be a constant chatter between the phone and the base stations.

Anyway, this guy had gotten two warnings from the aircrew already so he gets no sympathies from me.
Probably this: a mobile phone will still run its transmitting/receiving circuitry (albeit in some kind of idle mode).... and might actually continue to seek out wireless providers to place calls with....regardless of what else you're doing with it, be it browsing menus, messages or, well, playing Tetris. It IS after all still a mobile PHONE - a communications device capable of causing interference via its antenna - just with extended capabilities.

A Gameboy doesn't have any wireless communications devices built in... in fact, like any other device, it's required by FCC law to 1. not cause interference and 2. accept interference caused by other devices without malfunctioning.

Make sense?