Another Saturn question: 50/60hz mod

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Okay, so i've done 50/60s forever on Round button saturns...they are really easy.

i got a problem though....the instructions on how to do a 50/60hz mod can not apply to the Model 1 April 1996 system.

Edit: Let me say this now: i've looked through the board for anything dealing with 50/60hz via a search. i'm not looking to do a 50/60 on a PAL saturn, i'm looking to do it on an NTSC saturn. if anyone has a "Model 1" Oval button 21 pin PAL saturn that they are willing to look at, can you please take really sharp closeup pics of JP1 and JP2? i want to find out which of them are linked, and how.

so, does anyone have better instruction on how to do one of these on this system? i know that it is *SUPPOSED* to work by tapping into pin 79 on the 315-5890 chip and giving it either +5v or +0v, but there is no hole leading to that pin to short out, and the holes leading to JP1 do not seem to go to pin 79. Also, when the trace was scratched out to add in the switch, it caused video picture on the screen at all. A multimeter check on both pad of JP1 found +5 on one side and +0 on the other. the 2 pads were linked by the trace, which would mean that both sides got +5v. Linking the 2 pads via wire or solder link restores video, but putting them to +0 causes a short on the +5v pad, and on the +0 pad it does nothing at all (obviously).

putting +5 to the +0 pad restores video signal no matter where the source. since i see JP1 and JP2 next to each other all the time, i'm gonna take a wild guess and say that JP1 is NTSC and JP2 is PAL. Perhaps the configuration is like this:


JP1 +5

JP2 +0


JP1 +0

JP2 +5

anyone want to confirm or deny? i could use a hand, i've got 3 of these boards to figure out