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another sonic homebrew for saturn ?

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by vbt, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    not really new but didn't notice it before :

  2. johannes

    johannes New Member

    Hi VBT,

    Yes. In fact, there is two project.

    First, I'm working on a new video game engine for the Sega Saturn.
    This engine will be release in december 2014 under the MIT licence.

    The second project is a new Sonic which depends on the first project.

    Here is a newer video:

  3. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

    It looks great, and it's cool that you are still working on it !

    Does your game engine uses SBL/SGL ? Or is it sega library free ?
    Please let us know when your library will be available :)
  4. johannes

    johannes New Member

    Hi cafe-alpha,

    Yes, I use the SEGA Basic Library.
    The objective is to provide an engine easy to use which doesn't required to have special knowledge about the hardware environment :smiling:

    Clearly, the engine won't be (in theory) the fastest or the smallest, but it will allow any C developer to make a game (not necessarily a Sonic) very easily.

    I'll post the link on the forum as soon as the website is up.
  5. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    johannes, i'm happy to see your engine is still in progress. the video is looking really promising.
  6. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

    Parallax and alpha blending looks amazing ! And not using SGL is a good point too.
    I hope this will contribute to create more Saturn homebrew games :)
  7. johannes

    johannes New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I finaly finish the website : http://www.jo-engine.org

    I still need time to finish the tutorial and samples, but the engine works great :)
  8. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    hi, great job johannes, i will compile everything, why don't you provide ready to use isos?
  9. johannes

    johannes New Member

    Thanks vbt :)

    The website is dedictated to the engine (which is not a sonic game engine but a generic game engine for the SS) but I'll create another one for the Sonic Game (I'll provide an iso).

    Btw, I added an new map editor and new samples here: http://jo-engine.org/download/
  10. luisoft

    luisoft New Member

    This engine is really cool! Tnx for the hard work Johannes :). Effects like alpha blending used on ps1 is hard to add ?
  11. johannes

    johannes New Member

    Hi luisoft,

    No, it's not hard when you know how it works :)

    Btw, a new version is available on the website
  12. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    great job johannes, got the new version, i'm ready for testing :)
  13. johannes

    johannes New Member

    Hi vbt,

    Don't hesitate to email me if you have any problem.
    The engine isn't finished yet, but the basic things should works.
  14. johannes

    johannes New Member

  15. johannes

    johannes New Member

  16. johannes

    johannes New Member


    I pushed a new version with a paint demo and many features for the VDP2.


    I'm working now to add a mode7 feature on the engine.

  17. johannes

    johannes New Member

  18. vbt

    vbt Staff Member


    here comes a new challenger :)
    nice line scroll, i was hoping for a up/down too, maybe next time ;) good job !
  19. johannes

    johannes New Member

    Up/down and rotating is working too, I will add another sample :)
  20. TrekkiesUnite118

    TrekkiesUnite118 New Member

    When you say mode 7 do you mean line scroll like the demo or do you mean actually using VDP2's rotating planes?

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