Answer my questions two....

ok, not really, but ............ here are the 2 questions, is there any performance imporvng techniuque you can use on the SS, i read somewhere about replaceing the cd-rom with a faster one but then it also said it was prolly not possible. so is there anything else? some kinda of graphics mod that is possible, is anyone working on one, don't get me wrong i like the SS graphics and it has a lot of charecter to it, but i was just wondering and interested ......... second, lets say I have a USA SS and i have a euro SS game, and i realize you need some kimd of action replay cart to bypass the country code, but well i don't have the money, can i just make an ISO of my game and use the satconverter proggy on it to remove the country code? thanks again.
I don't think there are any performance mods you can make to a Saturn.

But then I don't know how good you are with electronic engineering. ;)

Yes you can use Satconv to covert your Euro ISO for use on a US Saturn.

Just look out for Euro optimized versions as I believe they don't quite work :(
the saturn is what you see, you shouldnt expect to be able to 'upgrade' it to anything more (short of the RAM expansion carts released in japan)

as for your euro game, that should all work fine and well, just make sure you have the ability to boot a burnt cd (either via a mod chip or swapping).. the saturn doesnt make as big a fuss between pal/ntsc as another system like the psx would, it pretty much auto displays no matter what the refresh rate. Theres always the possiblity that FMV could be out of sync or something like that.
only those that support it.

many of the games that support it actually require it, won't work without.