Any other way to save?

Hi, Ive just picked up an old saturn and thought the battery was dead as i have to reset the clock when i power on, and games dont stay saved when i power off but im having the same problem with my new battery so there must be something else knackered. I was wondering if there's some cart thing i can use to save game progress instead? Or can someone come over and fix my battery problem?! Thanks
Im surrounded by morons!! I assumed when i got the saturn, the battery that was already in was atleast the right way up!! Just tried putting my new one in 'upside down' and now it works fine! I bet they did that on purpose just to trick me. Bastards! Well, time to get into Magic Knight Rayearth...
Yeah. Really enjoying it
Like elemental gimmick gear on dc, but more fun
Some of the dialogues a bit dodgy, what with the girls only being 14! but thats the japanese for you