Any way to bring a Ram cart back from the grave?

i finally got my v-saturn back from the shop (after 3 months, god i missed the bootup sound) and now my official 4M ram cart wont work. i know my cart port is fine because it recognizes the memory cart and st-key, but both the 4-in-1 and my official Ram cart dont work. is there any way to revive them?
oh no just the system. because before my system went to crap the carts worked fine, but now (since i had no way to test them during the 3 month wait) they dont and the shop says they have no way to fix them. but i thought i remembered someone saying a long time ago (when there were a lot more iso direct dl on this page) that you can reflash the 4-in-1's somehow.
If two carts don't work, something may be wrong with your cart slot; there are a lot of different things connected to it, and stuff used by one cart may be completely unused by others. Do you have access to another Saturn to test on? As for reflashing an AR4M+ without commslink, I'm working on a CD-based program to do so. I don't know when it will be ready, though.
actually i've tried them on my friends saturn (all his carts work fine) but when i tried mine...same thing. i guess it's safe to assume they're dead :( that cd program sounds great, if you could keep me informed ( that'd be great. thanks guys, this board is VERY helpful.