anybody got nights to work?

ive been lokin for nights copied for a long time, then i got it from 3 or 4 different places so i burn them, then only 2 of the 4 work , now the other 2... when you play the game it works up until you get all the orbs and go fight the bos and then nights is just sittin there spining and nothing else happens, for the boy and the girl, has anybody whos downloaded it have it work perfectly?
it could, i got a sony crx160 one of the best

come to think of it i did delete all the mode 2 data from the cuesheet beacuse all my burning programs wouldnt burn it like that, do you think converting it to iso would be good?

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nope, cause then that can fuck the audio, and from what i hear, lots of ppl have freezing problems with movies on a iso/mp3 burn of nights