Anybody have a burning rangers cue sheet?

UPDATE: I must be smokin crack today, cuz I said Burning Rangers when I need "SONIC JAM" cue sheet.

I have a 500 meg plus BIN file of Sonic Jam USA. It's not in iso/mp3 so I can't create a cue sheet with "Sega Cue Maker"

Anybody have an "accurate" cue sheet for this game? Perhaps one that you got with a BIN you downloaded/Ripped?
Hehe you got the file from Sliga FTp don't you?

I've done the same thing! Go to Ralos and grab the Sonic Jam Cue and it will work, at least it worked for me!
Maybe Fireburner can help.

It always saves my ass when I have no .cue files, or big, single .bin files. Just drag the .bin in there and it'll find the tracks in it.