Hello all! new guy intro and help request

Hi guys, I am trying to run Sega CD games on my MD.emu android app.

I managed to follow steps here:

however, the bin I created is not working. I cant tell if its the bin or the bios, or something else.

Can you guys take a look at the steps I took and tell me what I did wrong?

1. I downloaded bios sets from here and set them up on the emulator:

2. I downloaded sonic CD ROM, which had ISO files mp3s. I converted the MP3s into WAVs.

3. Got sega cue maker running after jumping through many hoops with downloading OCX file or whatever it was called. Added the WAVs and ISO to create the CUE file sheet.

4. Took the CUE, the WAVs, and the ISO and made them into a BIN file using powerISO.

5. Tried running the Sonic CD.BIN file I made and tried to run it.... all I got was sega CD intro animation and eventually it opened what looked like a music cd app. that was it.

so what am I doing wrong? what am I missing? I have CD mage, but I don't know what its used for... is this the missing step? I dunno if this helps but cd mage can open the bin using "m1/2352 track". thanks in advance for any and all help.
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