Help ripping music from Evangelion Sega Saturn game

Hey everyone!

This is my first time trying anything like this, so I really don't know what I'm doing, but I've read a lot of stuff and struggled to somehow get some results.
I'm talking about the game "Shin Seiki Evangelion - Eva to Yukaina Nakama-tachi", an old Evangelion Mahjong game. I got a .chd file from edge emu (edge|emulation | download Sega Saturn ISOs / ROMs | Shin Seiki Evangelion - Eva to Yukaina Nakama-tachi (Japan)). Using CHDMAN I extracted a .cue and a .bin file and then used bchunk to extract an .iso and a .wav file. Unfortunately, the .wav file is just a woman's voice saying a line (I don't understand Japanese, but I think she's actually saying something about extracting game data).
I also tried some things using WinImage, but like I said, I'm basically just trying to mimic guides I saw online and didn't get any noteworthy results.

I know that there is already a big collection of Sega Saturn Audio online (Index of /), but I didn't find the game, neither under E for Evangelion nor under S for Shin Seiki Evangelion.

I attached the .wav file that I got, since I thought it was kinda funny.
I appreciate any help!


  • evavoice.wav
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