Anybody have proper audio track lengths 4 Lunar?


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Does anybody have an ORIGINAL copy of Lunar Silver Star that can confirm how long the audio tracks all are?

I have MP3s that have silence at the beginning and end and I need to know if and how much I need to trim to get it to work on my SCD


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From this sticky thread in the Sega CD forum:

Originally posted by Myname@Nov 15, 2002, 12:38 AM


Lunar: the Silver Star (US)

Track 02 0:14

Track 03 1:45

Track 04 1:11

Track 05 1:25

Track 06 1:27

Track 07 1:18

Track 08 1:19

Track 09 1:13

Track 10 1:18

Track 11 1:28

Track 12 1:28

Track 13 1:25

Track 14 1:06

Track 15 1:06

Track 16 1:15

Track 17 0:49

Track 18 1:18

Track 19 0:41

Track 20 0:43

Track 21 1:24

Track 22 1:09

Track 23 0:43

Track 24 0:19

Track 25 0:21

Track 26 0:23

Track 27 0:23

Track 28 1:28

Track 29 1:01

Track 30 1:09

Track 31 0:20

Track 32 0:24

Track 33 0:31

Track 34 0:17

Track 35 0:20

Track 36 0:21

Track 37 1:36

Track 38 1:05

Track 39 0:22

Track 40 0:34

Track 41 0:24

Track 42 0:52

Track 43 0:24

Track 44 0:32

Track 45 0:27

Track 46 0:23

Track 47 1:05

Track 48 3:12

Track 49 0:17

Track 50 0:28

Track 51 0:09

Track 52 0:40



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ok, mine are the proper length, but why do the have silence at the beginning of the track?

oh wait, my track 2 is 1 sec too short...

oh wait again... I have a few tracks that are 1 sec off...

what programs are being used to give these times?

do they round up or down?

I'm using Winamp


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Originally posted by racketboy@Oct 4, 2003 @ 04:12 AM

ok, mine are the proper length, but why do the have silence at the beginning of the track?

At a guess - Binchunker. :devil


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Yeah, I just got sick of dealing with all the CDA tracks, so I just made a Nero rip of my Lunar, works wonderfully. No checking, fixing, or thinking.

Edit: I didn't even bother with bin+cue, because of the number of bad copies of lunar floating around at the time. I'm sure I could have made that work fine too, but this was just so much easier.


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well I wish somebody, somewhere would have a working version for DL.

No, this isn't a game request -- I'm just saying people shouldn't have it for DL if it's not gonna work in the acutal console

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welcome to the wonderful world of trying to get lunar to work on the SCD...

Regardless of what anyone says... I have made backups from the exact original, had bad downloads and have had the good workign downloads of the game...

It is the one game that never loads up right on my SCD. It just goes to the title screen and goes to black and hangs. SCD = Model 2 and will play everything else.


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What? That's nonsense. I have a model 2. The original and backups work perfectly. Look, if you really really need this game to work, I might be able to send it to you somehow.


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it's not THAT big of a deal, but I'd like to know what is wrong

Maybe you can only make it with BIN/CUE


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It certainly would be better from a bin/cue rip, but I shouldn't think that it being iso/mp3 would stop it from working.


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I thought so too, and still do. BUT, for some reason, the ISO+MP3 rips of this game are difficult to get working properly. I also decided that since the beautiful music in this game is CDA, I might as well make a full bloated rip. If it was just some game with mediocre music (gameplay aside) I wouldn't be so concerned with it. But you kind of kill two birds with one file, by taking the huge image file route.