Anybody here have a Double Pro Fighter?

I recently picked up a Double Pro Fighter (a Genesis/SNES copier). Unfortunatly it's just the core unit, without the Genesis or SNES adapters or the power pack.

Does anybody know where I could get the adapters for it? Or, if you have adapters for it can you look in them for me? They should be just be straight pass throughs and I could just make em myself

And what are the power requirments? Positive/Negative tip etc...
Why on earth would you buy a used core unit with nothing? Every store sells them with adapters, and cables. Any owner who seperates the items is making a big mistake because I doubt you will find the adapters you need. At least, not without buying a whole new core unit.
If I came to a yard sale of some sort and saw one, I'd buy it if the price was right just because I've never seen one before, besides pictures.
Hmm, well I only paid $20. IMO even if it's broken that's a good deal.

Plus IIRC the copiers that could play multipul systems usually didn't come with any adapters, they were sold seperatly. So, I'd imagine somebody somewhere should have some in stock.