Anybody interested in a TG16Xtreme site?

If it covered all NEC game systems (including games released on PC-FX as well as their PC-88/98XX home computer line) then NECXtreme would be a good title.

Otherwise it's misleading.
Yes it will cover all those systems. NECXtreme sounds good
Don't use TGXtreme or TG16Xtreme as there are already sites named that. I could probably help out on the TurboGrafx 16/PC Engine and PC-FX as I have most of the games for those systems if you need anything?
I have most of the TG16 games, plus some of the more sought after cd titles such as Dracula X: Rondo of Blood

If you need help with PC-88/98 lket me know. I play a lot of those old computer games all day and am pretty familiar with the machines and their games.
Just purchased the domain name and have space for it already.

Thats the first step.
And I'm spearheading the HTML build of the site. All I request now is that people try and help out with a logo for the site. Logo is a must!

Also any suggestions are a MUST! Need to know the info that you people wanna see.