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I got a major problem. My CD-ROM DRIVE WON'T WORK!!!! The burner works fine, and yet, the CD-ROM drive won't!!!! I was playing Starcraft with my friends, then all of a sudden, the computer magically rebooted itself, and now the CD-ROM drive won't run!! AHHH!!!!! WHAT DO I DO TO GET IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pfft, get a new cd-rom, ok try to open your pc and plug in your cd rom cable again. Ive had this happen to a few pcs before, and what I REALLY DID was I just ingorned it and then it starts working again.
When I have a problem with something, this is what I usually do. First, when you boot the computer, is the CD-ROM drive getting any power? If it isn't, try reseeding the cables. If it is, then try reinstalling the drivers. If it still doens't work, then uninstall the drivers and do a fresh install. If it's still not working, go into your device manager and check to see if it windows detects any errors. To my experience, something like that is most likely caused by a driver problem. If after messing with cables and reinstalling drivers it still won't work, then I'm not sure what to say. At that point I would call some tech support person who would give me a really lame reason as to why it won't work. If you've tried anything here, you may disregard this. ;) Good luck!
hmmmm.... how can I access the device manager? I've looked in the Control Panel a few times, but I can't find it, maybe I overlooked it? and CC, what cable? the power source? or the cable that connects it to the harddrive?
In most versions of window you right-click on "My Computer" => scroll down to properties => click on hardware => then click on device manager. I had a similiar bitch problem with my DVD drive. It turns out I bent the pins on my drive and I got crazy fluky errors. Hope this helped.
I remember the last time this happened. The drive stopped working, so I just gave up, and shut down the computer for the night. Well what do you know? it worked. I'll see if it works tomorrow morning, if not, then..... hmmmm......
Reinstall the drivers :p

I had that problem when my computer would reboot because it was low on memory.... the cd rom drivers got deleted :p

THEN try all that other complicated shit.
how the #### am I supposed to re-install the drivers? All i've got is my stupid Gateway Restoration Discs 1 - 3. Disc one is for hardware drivers, partial application backups. Disc 2 is the WinME restoration disc. Disc 3 is the applications backup disc. you think to get the CD-ROM drivers would be to put Disc 1 in the Burner drive, then go into device manager, then let Windows search for drivers? you think they're probably on that disc? I'll try it when I get home from school (in keyboarding class right now, surrounded by all those Sony (like me :)) and Nintendo freaks)

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Um. you can do that or find out the manufacturer of your cdrom and download the drivers... IF the drivers being deleted is the problem... which it might not be... i would try uninstalling them if they are still listed and reinstalling... but that's just me.
99.9% of cdrom drivers are on your windows cd, so just delete the drive from device manager, then reboot, it should pick it up automatically

if not gointo control panel, add new hardware and serach for it
ok, on the add new hardware list of things I can instal, where's the CD-ROM drive at? is it in CD-ROM Controllers?
hey guys, I got an idea. My computer just freaked out this morning and I could even use it. WinME would boot, then it'd come to the desktop. and the resolution was at 640 x 480, with the color settings set to 16. It gave me this message: "mpr.exe has caused an error in mpr.dll if you continue to experience problems, restart your computer". I was going nuts. Then I thought of an idea. Why not do System Restore through DOS? (I used the bootup floppy disk to get into DOS, make sure you have a boot disk handy :)). And I ran system restore and guess what? IT WORKS NOW!!! you think if I perform a System Restore dating back to 12-5-01 (the day before the CD-ROM died) I'll get my CD-ROM drive back? (Boy I sure am proud of myself for figuring out that problem I had this morning :) :biggrin:)

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sounds to me like your pc is in bad need of a reformat and fresh install.

if your hardware is failing left and right like this, it's time to install windows new, and install a decent version too, winME is the buggiest shit M$ ever threw out until winXP. go for win98 or win2k.
1. what should I download for my drive from the site?

do I get the ATAPI drivers? SCSI? (I can't, it says Standard OEM Support) what drivers do I get?

2. also, since I don't meet the system requirements for XP (yet anyway) you guys think should do a Dual Boot (ME and 2000) system? I gotta few questions about that. If I install files (Quake II for example) in ME, will I be able to access it in 2000? another example, if I download files in ME will I be able to access them in 2000? how about movies made in Movie Maker in ME, after I save them, will I be able to watch them in 2000 as well?

3. Do Starcraft, Quake II, and Half-Life work in Win2k without any problems? and if they don't, are the problems easy to fix? Are they just minor that don't really hinder the game that much? Also, can I run the SNES9x and Gens emulators under Win2k no prob? Does MSN Explorer (the BEST web-browser you can get, it's free too, download it today! Oh god... I sounded like a spammer right there :() work fine under Win2k?

Please, when you answer the questions please put the number of the question you're answering next to each answer.

I hope to get Win2000 from my Step-brother for Christmas :)

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swap the ME option for 98se, me is utter utter shite, 98se is far more stable and useable, win2k is stable as a rock usually, just the compatability isnt the best with some older stuff

and on the drivers front, just delete the device from device manager, and let windows redetect it, dont mess around downloading any drivers, since you shouldnt need them for winme (or anything post nt4/win95) unless the drive is of a proprietory type (which yours isn't)