Ok, does anyone have ICQ? just look at my profile for my #, but anyways, I think you should all get ICQ.

Its the best, and besides, I dont have AOL. So I think you guys should get ICQ so we can talk about how sega rules and should have kept dreamcast going!
Ya don't need AOL. Get AIM. You can IM other AIM users *and* AOL users, and it be free.

But, yeah, I've got just about every IM program out there.
MSN Messenger is the best as far as i know ..

Many nice features and easy to use ..

By the way .. if you want another cool messenger go to .. its a nice domain and have free email service .. flash powered mostly .. nice looking emails .. its still new so you can get one word nice looking email .. their messenger is a little buggy but i am sure the next release will be just fine ..

Check it out ..