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Being the funny guy. I mean I'm a funny person(ya hard to believe from reading any of the posts i made on here) and a lot of people laugh when i'm entertaining. Here's the thing i hate that because when people describe me they tend to be like "ya he's really funny" or "he's an asshole" but i mean i don't want to be known for my humor or my personality i mean when it comes down to it personality sucks the big dick when it comes to getting you some hot piece of ass.
Not Necessarily. There is an old Persian saying that goes, Men are led to the bed chambers by their eyes, women are led by their ears. I, in my experience, have found this to be true. After all, I am known as a funny guy by my friends and when I was single I did ok with the ladies and am now married to a women considered very beautiful by many. I'm not saying looks are not important to women but they are more likely to overlook physical flaws when a great personality is present. Much more so then men do. I believe its because, whether or not our male egos wish to accept it or not, they are more socially and emotionally developed beings.

And remember one more thing. Who we are fundamentally as people, ie personality, changes little over time. Our physical reality is constantly changing. In other words, we get ugly faster than we think(age). You cant do much to change your physical self without expensive and risky surgery, so work on and develope what you can. You as a person.
I'm always 'led to the bed chamber by their eyes'. But the 'their' would have to change meaning.. ie I'm a sucker for ladies' eyes. Perhaps not surprising that my girlfriends eyes are so big she looks like she walked straight out of Sailor Moon.

You seen Goodfella's jim? You should use Joe Pesci's reaction to being called 'funny'
why do women go for jerks, 90% of the time its just because they are hot and popular the other 10% its because the girl is messed up in the head. so you have to relativly good looking and have a good personality to beat out da jocks for most women.

P.s. A woman's eyes are incredibly important for me if they don't have eyes i can stare at(i know it sounds freaky), i just don't find em attractive my friends call me and idiot but oh well.
ya i figure that i might as well change them all the time because i do that with all my other profiles. Some people enjoy them for some reason(i'm talking about my aim profiles). I always find it funny that people find them funny yet think i'm weird because of them.

(my aim ones are more f'd up then the ones you've seen on here)
Originally posted by Myname@June 21 2002,13:06

Perhaps not surprising that my girlfriends eyes are so big she looks like she walked straight out of Sailor Moon.

Oh my gosh, if I had a girlfriend who walked out of KOF as Mai Shiranui or SF as Cammy, then what a fun time it would be
vain as it is, we all have our fantasies
Since i start a anyone hate post everytime something comes to mind i'm going to just keep using this one to cut down on posting so many anyone hate posts.

Anyone hate how underaged people brag about how they drink all the time? Also people in their early 20s brag about their drinking? It's like a cool thing i guess.