anyone have afslnk?

Does anyone have this laying around? I can't find it anywhere. (It's a program that can compile *.adx files into one *.afs.)
Check you email. :

BTW, welcome back from your 3 month vacation.
Thanks! I somehow knew you'd have it.
As far as the "vacation", I guess I just fell out of the Sega scene thing for awhile. You probably know how that is, right?
Sorry, I have really no idea why that would be... as long as you can reopen your account though it's no big deal.
i've created a similar tool by myself (in quite an early stage at the moment) but i never heard of a different one. let me know if anyone would like to check it out. i'd like to get some response about it... if there already is a tool that's good enough, i won't have to release mine... ???