Anyone here play online with xbox?


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I'm bored and want to play with someone from these boards if possible. Anyone here have xbox live and play online? I am lookin for someone to play online with for these games...

Unreal Championship

Midnight Club II

and i guess PSO (so long you don't cheat)

I would use gamespy to play other games such as halo... but my router is broke and i cant use PC and Xbox at the same time.

I was going to post this in the PSO forum but wasn't sure if i should or not... so i posted here
Hey Iceman, if you ever are going to play online and need someone to play with, give me a pm. BTW... im at level 72.
Originally posted by googlefest1@Jun 30, 2003 @ 11:44 AM

i play on live but i dont play those games

What games do you play with then? I was thinking of buying more xbox live games... so long its not sports
Originally posted by SegaSquad@Jun 30, 2003 @ 06:36 PM

I was thinking of buying more xbox live games... so long its not sports

Amen I hate mutliplayer sports games (actually just sports games in general) so pointless. I mean if you're gonna play a sports game get off your fat ass and grab a football.
I'll play you a game of unreal sometime, although I'm not a terribly big fan. The only other live game I have other than that is Return to Castle Wolfenstein, ever played that?

i play mechassult mostly on live -- sometimes i play moto gp

i was thinking of getting halo to play on line

sometime soon ill get capcom V snk 2 to play on live

i had unreal for a day but i didnt like it

i have sega nfl 2k3 but never played it on live (or at all ) (just havent had the urge)

i was thinking of getting the new sega gt when it comes out instead of midnight club 2

but mostly i play mechassult

as far as live games go i havent gotten to the point of buying a bunch of them(most of my games are off line) as for PSO i dont think ill ever be gettgin that (unless its 8$)

ive been looking to get some more live enabled games but havent gotten around to it yet
Well, i wanted to get Capcom Vs. SNK 2 but its to expensive on xbox compared to ps2 so i will wait for the price to drop... But for now im going to play Unreal

If you ever see SHITFACE on Unreal.... you know who it is

And i'll Probobly make a new character for PSO iceman, so if you see SHlTFACE... then you know who it is
... BTW the I is actually a lowercase L, hopefully that doesn't get edited out.
Alright, I guess I'll try throwing in the game and going on live over the next little while and try to find you somewhere. My Live account name is Vinsher, but I'm getting a starter kit for myself soon so I will be Ammut soon enough.