Anyone interested in this?


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I've been meaning to ask before, but Toshihiro Nagoshi has been writing a monthly column in Edge magazine over here and I thought some of you might be interested in reading a few of them (I think I've got 5 or 6 issues lying around). If so, I can scan them but I'd need to send them to someone to host.

They're pretty interesting to read through, the best part being where he admits to drinking a bottle of whiskey per day. Not sure how he gets away with that one at work, but it goes some way to explaining Super Monkey Ball
i think something like pot would have to explain most of super monkey ball. but the fact the ground is what moves instead of the monkey is the effect of the whiskey.
THere's plenty of space on the new SX server -- talk to Ice about hosting them -- I'm sure he'd be more than happy

In fact maybe a magazine archive could be interesting -- I have most of the Sega Visions issue that are very interesting.

PDF format maybe?