Grandia English Patch

Translating Grandia 1.1.0-Final

Finally beat the Saturn version of Grandia phew it took a while I've been playing it since the translation work first began.
But I had no issues on the latest 0.9.6-RC
Is there anything left to do before calling it 1.0?


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There's a minor bug I need to fix near the start of the game with an item getting set to having 255 in your inventory for some reason. Then there's one or two other things I want to do and then it should be ready to go to 1.0.


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TrekkiesUnite118 updated Grandia English Patch with a new update entry:


Here it is! The final 1.0.0 Patch for the Saturn Grandia English Translation. With this release I am declaring the project done. Save for any severe bugs that prevent the game from crashing, I do not intend to do any more development towards this project. It requires version 1.95 of the Sega Saturn Patcher. The version I used to make the patch is included.

The changes in this release are focused entirely on Disc 1. And I have just recently had confirmation from Jullemasa, the World Record...

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Congrats on the milestone.
The splash screen was the right call. Save the splash-less one for the Saturn Mini, when Sega contact you to license your work. ;)
Let's go !!
Finally got the BizHawk emulator working correctly this week.
Going to test this out to see if it will work on my setup.
Again, thanks to the team for their tireless work on this project !


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This is been a fun journey to be on with you, congrats on making it to the finish line!

Can't wait to see what's next!


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Patch version: 1.0.1
Sega Saturn Patcher version: The one included with patch v1.0.1
Redump image patched: Grandia (Japan) (Disc 1) (4M)

Found a bug in disc 1 after leaving the Sult Ruins and returning to Parm. Load the attached save file and then:
  1. Leave Parm to go to the world map
  2. Press C button on 'Port Town of Parm'
  3. Game will crash and so you're unable to move the cursor
This bug occurs on Phoebe ODE and Mednafen v1.29.0 but does not occur with the unpatched game in Mednafen.


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It's been like 2 years since I last connected. I remember I registered only to show my respect for the project, and the last version I knew was 0.8.5 iirc, but I wanted to say that I'm happy to see how the project finally reached its final stage. It's just awesome how much effort you put into this, we cannot thank you enough for your hard work @TrekkiesUnite118. Hope you keep on developing for the best console ever made!

It's also fun to find that when I registered a SOTN translation seemed impossible, and now I've seen it's been done even with QoL improvements such as the shortcut for the map. Awesome stuff really, you guys are beasts.