Grandia English Patch

Grandia English Patch 0.9.6-RC

v0.9.6-RC (5/20/2021):
- Fixed a bug where the wrong Parm map was being loaded in certain circumstances.
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  • Fixed Audio Corruption in Disc 2 FMV.
  • Fixed minor typos on both discs.
v0.9.4-RC (4/10/2021):
- Corrected subtitle errors.
- Reworked previous grammar fix as it caused a crash.
- Corrected a typo in the 8x8 Item name for Thick Armor.
- Corrected an inaccuracy for the attribute bonus for Shiny Shoes.
This update has the following fixes:
  • Minor spelling and grammar fixes.
  • Subtitle corrections for an FMV on Disc 2.
  • An experimental fix to change the priority of the compass so it doesn't obscure the text boxes.
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This update has converted the patch over to using Knight of Dragon's Sega Saturn Patcher utility. This should make patching a lot easier now. Instructions for how to apply the patch are included in the README file.

Changes in this version include the following:
  • Fixed scripting errors on the Steamer Ship.
  • Fixed various minor pointer issues in menus.
  • Fixed minor alignment issues in some menus.
  • Repurposed Save File Comment to now be the first 10 characters of where you saved.
  • Replaced Japanese "This is a Sega Saturn Disc" CD Audio Track with an English equivalent from Burning Rangers.
  • Updated to Sega Saturn Patcher format.
Due to the change in patching software, it is possible that new bugs may come about. While I've worked with KnightOfDragon to fix the most obvious ones, it's still possible that some were missed. So please continue to report problems you encounter.
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Fixed a bug where censored dialogue accidentally got re-inserted into the game.
This is the first Final Release Candidate. This adds FMV subtitles as well as a few more bug fixes.

If no bugs or issues are reported this will be updated to version 1.0. However I'm still holding out for KnightOfDragon's patcher to be fixed so patching can be made simpler.