Anyone know how to alter Gens .cfg


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The problem is this: my monitor can't display lower than 800 by 600 for some reason, most other programs it's just a case of changing the .ini, but I can't figure out how to do it with Gens. If anyone knows, please let me know.

What OS and video card are you using? I don't think you can change it in Gens, if you look at the manual it only mentions full screen at 640x480, and nowhere in the program/help files/config do I see where you can change that.

When I first installed XP, I couldn't go lower than 800x600 with my GeForce II MX.

I installed Multires, which is a handy little on-the-fly resolution switcher, that if I remember correctly, automatically enabled 640x480 switching on install.

If that doesn't work, it's probably more a matter of finding a site that show how to key custom resolutions into the registry (be careful). There well may be a custom tool for your card that would make the process easier that can be found on those trendy high-end 3D card tweaking sites...

Try checking on your video card manufacturer's site if nothing else.
I think, if Stef had put in higher resolutions into Gens, he would've told you how to use them.

though, I see no problem, if you use Stretch image, either at 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution, or the LCD's max resolution.

maybe Stef will add this in sometime.
Originally posted by archiver@Sep. 11 2002, 7:09 am

When I first installed XP, I couldn't go lower than 800x600 with my GeForce II MX.

Similar to that, the situation is Windows XP with a Geforce MX440. Under it's properties, it lists 640by480 as a valid mode which is what lead me to believe it was the monitor not the card. Switching to 640 with multires gives the same distorted, boxed in result.

I'll keep messing..
Originally posted by Gallstaff@Sep. 11 2002, 10:25 pm

Geforce... 1 mx? holy shit how can you stand it?

If you are referring to me, it's a 64mb Geforce 4 and I find it perfectly OK.

If it wasn't I'd hardly cry myself to sleep at night about it. It's a computer for Christ's sake.