Anyone played LH or SW3/4?

I'm wondering if anyone's played these games and if they're worth getting my hands on (not just because I'm a afan, but because they're quality games).
I have the first Love Hina game on DC, it is the sorriest piece of sh*t i've ever played. All you do is walk around the hotel looking for people to talk to until the episode ends. It also has some nice pictures, but that's it. If you still want to buy it, I'm selling my original copy.
what the #### is the Japanese obsession with sakura Wars? I'm guessing it must be good game to garner so much interest about it but honestly...has anyone played it? I'm curious now. The japanese have weird taste in games (Seaman anyone?) but they usually turn out to be fun IMHO. What does everyone know of Sakura Wars?
Oh, come on, Seaman is an awesome game.

As for Love Hina, don't bother with it unless you can read Japanese. I tried messing with it, and my best guess to what I was doing was just hitting on them all. And if you're thinking that you're gonna get some action in the game, well, you're not. I'm pretty sure in a green label game.
Are you kidding? Seaman is incredible. Even my mom played it once my brother moved out. (Filled the void perhaps?) I just find it funny how that game was the best selling DC game in'on it beat even Shenmue?
Well, Love Hina IS my favorite Anime, that's the main reason I want to get it.. mostly I want LH2... and Sakura Wars is a sort of strategy/date sim games from what I know (strategy game with dating elements tossed in, i mean)