anyone remember

I remember when it first came out i'm like i have to get that. I had my parents bring me to the only store that had it around it was 20 min away from my house. I was all ready to buy it then i realized it was 500 for the system and like 200 per game so i was like screw that.

i didnt even know home system even existed, until around 93-94. in fact, i didnt know that the arcades could simply switch mvs boards for each game.

i remember at one time, the only games at the arcade on the way to my (elementary) school (in korea) were either pirated/hacked street fighter 2 or art of fighting. (being the little bastard i am, i always opted for sfII ^_^)
I remember of it beeing a gamers really was a dream because i really couldnt afford it ;)

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