anyone tell my why ?

some times dreamcast Controler ports wear out really fast ? Is it because of those damned arcade sticks (most of time time i hear its from people that use them) and Jump packs ?
The only problem I've had with them is their being too #### tight. Too bad my VMU has been MIA for a few months, or I'd test it out again.
Most of the people who've had bad controller ports also use third party controllers. Not surprisingly, I've never had a problem with my Sega brand contollers.
Yeah, I bought a 3rd party controller and it burned my DC out (Not to mention ALL my controllers and VMU's). Had to get it fixed 0.o . Took me out about $75 to get me back where I was.

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I never buy 3rd party controls unless I absolutly hate the official controls of a system (Xbox). One of my friends got a mad catz controler for his DC once, and after about a week the thing barly ever worked. About a month later the DC just stopped working, and hasn't sience.
Fabrizo........This is off subject but, you can now order the Japan issued controller for the xbox. It is much smaller than the one issued in the US and Europe. Something to do with the Japanese having smaller hands.
Something to do with the Japanese having smaller hands.

Could be. Or maybe the Japanese just don't like huge-ass ugly controllers with bad button layout and 25% of the space dedicated to a superfluous XBox logo blob...
back to the subject, you should always get the offical controller for the DC. it doesnt break, it doesnt ware out the port, and everything works

as i always say, you should always get everything offical. cuz if something breaks and you try to take it back and you have somehting 3rd party, when you try to take it back they will say it was the fault of the 3rd party thing.

and than again, offical things are always nicer!
True that, official products rule!

and every time i see this thread I'm reminded of that Berlin song.
Many people buy 3rd Party controllers to be able to play fighting games without having to trash the analog buttons.Many people buy those ASCII fighting pads,they kinda look cool too,plus you can play 2D fighters way better than playing with the original Dreamcast pad.
I've dropped all 3rd party controllers except the light guns. Why take the chance when the original sega controllers have dropped to $10 US?
Because they play better in some games?I personaly don't like to slam in the easy to brake analog buttons when i'm playing some action games.
I slam them to #### when playing Crazy Taxi. I crazy dash almost every two seconds. Shark pak bliss.