anyone tell my why ?

Raijin Z

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I've never had problems with 3rd party hardware. 3rd party N64 controllers seem to last longer than the genuine articles, too. Still, I shoot for the real deal when money isn't a problem. I have Interact DC and PS2 pads, primarily for 3 or 4 player stuff.

Miles McCloud

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Don't buy them used , don't buy ANY Dreamcast assesory that plugs in the controller ports used. They told me when I got mine fixed not to plug any of my old, some offical controllers in the dreamcast after it blew out. they said it would just blow it out again. Now, If I hadn't had any morals, i would have sold those controllers and made some money back. only to have some unfortunate soul along the line get them. Not all people have morals though, so I wouldn't advise buying used controllers, regardless of who made it.

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