Anyone want to play Sega Games with me?

I have been wanting to play sega games online with somebody but all my friends are on 56k so it isnt as much fun.

If anyone wants to play Streets of Rage 2 or Gunstar Heros i am usally on
I will play with you if the time you pick is good. I know how to use gens, kaillera, channels rom names blah blah blah. been doing it for a while. So when is good?
Hey I will be on almost all day now because I wont be going to college for a while so you give a time
and a place to play and I will go on
are you sure you want to play me i am better now

i will see when i get free time this week and we can play i will look for more 2 player games too
SeGa, this isn't about you! We were playing the game yesterday and i told snake he should practice some more. Go to your corner!
What the Hell r u talking about Gollstaff.. this is a post and I am a member, were do u get off telling me what 2 do ,I wana play some Games online with some peeps and you and come in here and tell me 2 stop typing WTF.

If you say this was about yesterday why was this post made " 2 " days ago?

I don't care if your best friends with the Addmins or u r 1 treat Members with Respect!


Censorship is a Bitch wouldn't you agree!
wow hold on there crack monkey. I mean me and SNAKE were talking about this earlier. Not when the post was made, but we did intend on playing in the future again. It was sorta pre planned. JUST ME AND SNAKE. I don't give a crap who you play with.
There u go no respect! ???

Snake made a post about playing people online, I say hey I wana play, Then u come in and Boss members around did u even READ the posts before yours???????

And when r u going 2 learn respect?

See i can understand a little, back when i was 15 i called people Crack Monkeys all the time you'll grow out of it!

Before you get all High and mighty again, Put your self in my shoes and think how would you post your reply if you came across a Dick like you?
Why don't you guys settle this with a Micro Machines Military play-off? That way you get to play and settle this score. (Sorry for butting in.)
what i'm saying is just chill. dude, me and snake had planned on playing a game. I respect you, i'm just saying we are going to play. You gotta calm down you little crack monkey
You respect me WTF, look at the post befoe your Last post and u tell me who you respect.

Don't make FALSE quotes please, You would think with all the rules in this forum that would be 1 of them. ???
there's some server up called GEnesis/MegaDrive &NES only 500MS or better. Their ping to me is always low i dont' know if that server would be any better for any of you. but never lets me connect and it's always show to have >1s ping for me.