Arcarde Jamma Board on a TV?

I hope I´m not so much off topic here.

I´m thinking about buying a Jamma compatible arcarde board on eBay. Is it possible to connect it to a normal TV via RGB. I saw that there´s a Sync pin on Jamma board... so I´m unsure that it´s possible.

Does anybody know how to connect such a board to TV?

BTW is Jamma a SEGA only standard for Arcarde?
It depends on your board and TV. First of all, your TV needs to have RGB inputs. Secondly, the board needs to be a "low resolution" type. Most boards are this type, but some aren't. You can check on the Killer List Of Videogames to see what resolution standard a particular game adheres to. As far as I know, you can just use a direct connection from the JAMMA RGB outputs to RGB inputs, but that might depend on your TV. As for the sync, that depends on your TV too (there are three common methods for transmitting sync with RGB), so I'd need more info on it to be able to tell you what the deal is.

JAMMA is a Japanese arcade industry association (Japanese Amusement Machine Manufacturer's Association I believe), and the pinout standard it refers to applies to most manufacturers. Some "JAMMA" games (most notably Capcom fighting games) require an extra connector in addition to JAMMA in order to connect additional buttons or other functions. These are sometimes referred to as "JAMMA+"

Hope this helps.

edit: Oops... I forgot that "low resolution" sounds bad, and that they tend to call it "standard resolution"...

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Thanks for your help.

My TV can do RGB (my Mega Drive also is hooked up via RGB)

I searched at google for Jamma and TV... and found out that Jamma sync is connected to Composite in.

What would happen when I would connect a HiRes Board to TV? Would it be out of sync?

Is the HSync rate higher than 15kHz on a Highres Board?
a hires board basically uses VGA frequencies. your TV wouldn't be able to sync them at all. you might be able to connect it to a monitor, but not all might be compatible.
and pretty useless in his case. it won't do hires either, and you can have that for ALOT less since he doesn't even need a ntsc encoder, he can just use the RGB signal straight on his TV.
No, I don´t want to buy such an expensive converter.

First I only want to buy one cheap Jamma compatible Arcarde PCB for about 30-40$. Then I want to build a Scart RGB adapter für the JAMMA to TV. Use my Genesis 3 Button Joypads.. and I want to use a PC Power Supply for the PCB.

I think that must work and I´ll build my own Jamma to TV converter Box.

The Jamma Pins for the directions, coin switches.. will they all pullted to GND or to +5V (or something else)?

I would expect the must be pulled to GND. (yes??)
GND, yeah.

I don't recommend using genesis pads, tho. either use oldstyle saturn pads (the roundish ones with the round d-pad, not the ones with the genesis-style d-pad) or DC arcade sticks.sooner or later you'll need more than 3 buttons anyways.