Are PSX fans as nuts about their system as Sega owners?

OK, prolly asking the wrong group here, but I know 99% of ppl are crazy about their sega gear... and although i havent been looking, it doesnt appear theres such a group of people for Playstations...

From what I've seen, the individual games have their fans (GT3, MGS etc...), but not for the system as a whole.

For those of you who are active in the PSX "scene", are there ppl *ahem* 'gamers', who love their machine as much as we do?

Just curious... thats all...

Now, back to the mayhem... ;)
I never stay partial to any platform. I loved the SNES to death, but it didn't make me disrepsect the Sega Genesis. In fact a lot of my favs were on Genesis. Same with Saturn, I was jaded by the fact I only got a playstation, but that doesn't mean that I end up with a SONY ROX, SEGA SUX mindset. In fact I regret not being able to have a saturn for a long time, (Dont regret it anymore because I'll finally be getting one in 2 weeks)

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dont know but when i ask a regular sony fan why their ps is so great and the fisrt answer is usually graphics.never no mention of gameplay or FUN stuff.graphic whores the whole lot of them.

(i aint dissing the ps)
One of my friends used to love sega, but ever sience they got a ps2 they hate sega, and the sad part is, they don't even own any games! Cthey omnly use it for dvds. Its a sad, sad world out thier I tell you. :(
the psx is a mainstream system. you aren't cool if you don't have one and at least 20 copied games. not 20 originals, if you own 20 originals you are an idiot for not copying them.

the psx is big because of a handful of good games, and most of all, because of the possibility to copy it very easily. otherwise it wouldn't have had half as many buyers.
yep, that is very true... like in 3rd world countries... who the heck would buy a system having SO MUCH games that are all original? when they can't even buy food? but because of pirated cd's, the games are now cheaper than food. look at the PS2, Macintosh, Saturn, etc... they didn't sell because they didn't have available games for sale (pirated, that is)... so, in a way, pirated cd's kinda helps systems sell and go mainstream... just look at the PSX and the PC, heck, they sell like they're more important than food... but then again, the hardware companies benefit, the software companies suffer...
The thing that bugs me about Sony the most is the crap quality of their consoles. PSX has some very good games, but my carefully cared for PSX is falling apart. The same situation for just about everyone I know with a PSX. I imagine from the way it feels, PS2 is about the same quality - I'm waiting for my friends that have it to start complaining about it failing.

My seven year old 3DO [I got it used] is perfect. My five year old Saturn [I got it used too] is also perfect. My year and a half old 75xx PSX that I bought brand new is cracked and chunky.

Sony = overpriced, underbuilt consoles.
sure i love all my sega systems, but i also love my psx games (when you have a library as large as psx's, of course theres gonna be alot of crap)

i also love my turbo duo, my 3do, my n64, snes, nes, master system, even my odyssey 2..

eventually i know i'll grow to love my ps2, xbox and gamecubes (not for 400 bucks a pop, mind you.. for that kinda cash i'd be lovin a neo geo cd and metal slug)

the thing is, i dont play consoles, i play games. for someone to go to war over 'which console is better' usually reeks of a 14 year old who doesnt want to admit he shoulda asked santa for a dreamcast instead of a ps2..

me, i have room and spare cash (barely) for em all.. so i'll fire up R-Type CD on my TurboDuo, and an hour later go for sum Final Fight CD, mebbe get sick of it and play a lil Panzer Dragoon, some SMW2: Yoshis Island, then some DOA2, and curl up at night with a short dose of Blonde Ambition (gotta love those 3do porn titles)

i firmly believe that psx doesnt have little loyalist geurilla armies the way saturn/dreamcast does, because the kids who blew a years worth of allowance for a dreamcast on release day dont want to admit to themselves they bet on a losing horse.. (dont kill the messenger, i paid out the nose for one on 9/9/99). In short, psx doesnt need outspoken supporters.

if sega had its corporate head out of its ass a few years ago, the saturn would be where the psx is now and we'd all be on a PSX-Treme forum trying to rub up against the grain and put down sega..

im rambling.. support good games not companies (cuz no company gives a rats ass about you, dont kid yourself)..
Thats why we should all get GAMECUBES, the people at SEGA say that is their fave system, its for playing games not DVDS, they have Sonic Adventure 2 (which connects to GBA sonic game for some extra abilities), and it only costs 200 dollars. But you all just wait and see, SEGA will be back after these consle wars and take over. hey will have games on every system and get A LOT!!! of people to like them then make a system and make Sony their biatches and then it will go back to how it was suppost to be, just SEGA and Nintendo! Just wait...................... it'll happen.

SEGA WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see.. thats kinda my point.. all that 'sony and their bitches' talk..

the anti-corporate angle on why one vid game system sucks.. its silly.. sega and nintendo (and their respective parent coroprations) are as heartless as any other company.. its all the same..

on another forum i frequent ppl talk about how wonderful NEC is because they dont crack down on people who emulate/copy turbografx or duo games.. as if they're the warm, friendly company who loves gamers.. its bullcrap.. they have nothing invested in the video game industry.. if they did, they'd be after duo/pc-fx piracy as much as sega and sony are..

im not going to just buy one system in the future.. i'll get a ps2 when the price comes down, i'll get a gamecube when the price comes down, and i'll get an xbox too (thou i honestly dont see it lasting, with the state microsoft is in they wont back the thing till it becomes profitable, but like any console there'll no doubt be a few great exclusives).. none of these companies give a rats ass about me or my gaming tastes, they just want me to buy their products (its called free enterprise)

its about the games kids, quit with the conspiracy theories about corporate policies and whos gay in the boardrooms.. if thats your approach to home consoles, you cant really call yourself a gamer.

if you hate corporations that much, make yourself a kite out of twigs and newspaper and play with that. or run down the street rolling a hula hoop with a stick..
Sony is pretty good .. but i prefer Sega in video games ..

I defent my SOny Vaio computer and Trinitron Monitor .. but i will never defend Sony to Death ..

I got PSX , PS One , PS2 ..

but on the other side .. i got all the consoles Sega every made .. :cool:

I agree with Akuma
you have an sg-1000? How much did it cost? And where in the world did you find your megaplay system? How many games do you own for it? And where in the #### did you get enough money for your HiSaturn?

Hah! See, you don't own every sega system...
I used to be a really biased Nintendo fanboy, then a really biased PlayStation fanboy (except for Virtua Fighter 2, I put so much money into the cabinet at my arcade, it's crazy :)) That is until I got my Saturn, now i'm a bit of a Sega fanboy, but i still respect Sony, but Nintendo I don't really care for (nowadays anyway, plus since they're FINALLY making, not one, but TWO, new Metroid games, I'll give them a little more respect)
This is espeacially for GreatSayamanGohan

lol dude .. dont you think that a person that have 2800+ positive ebay feedback with NO negative feedback will find it very easy to buy megaplay ..

I even have Sega arcade machines ..

believe what you wanna believe ..

but i have Sega's that you never heard of .. i lived 2 years in singapore and got the latest Sega stuff ..