Arg, Burning problems...

Hiya folks, remember me? Good ol Dan enthusiast. Anyhow, I have a slight problem with burning Sonic Jam. Well, I have the Bin/cue format, but whenever I try to burn it, (I use CDRWin, but I've never had any problems with it before) it just burns a very small portion onto the CD and gives me some crap about having a bad CD or something. It just stops. It has happened twice already... any ideas?
1) yes all other CD's worked fine

2) Yes it's cracked

3) err... well I get invisible files. Is there way to do bin/cue using nero? Or convert it to CCD for Clone CD? I like that program, plus its more stable than Fireburner for me. (Shit PC I always say...)
here is a way:

Download daemon tools ( It will create a virtual cd-rom. Mount sonic jam.cue on daemon tools. Then use clonecd to do cd-copy from: source Daemon Virtual CD to your burner. cool heh? :)