Astro Boy Screenshots!


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Sega is publishing Astro Boy: Tetsu Wan Atom for the GBA this winter in Japan. No word as of an English release. Here are some screenshots to tide you over untill it comes out all you Astro Boy freaks!


For more pictures check out The Magic Box
Sega publishing AstroBoy?

Does it get any better? :D

how much is a gameboy advance?
If you're serious

GBA's can be had for $70 retail. $99 for the SP.

older GBAs can be found much cheaper one eBay -- even ones w/ afterburners.

I saw the AstroBoy screens earlier, but didn't realize it was a Sega game
I have to admit it, I have never seen an astroboy episode. I have heard its a good series but never witnessed it for myself. :(