WebTV Dreamcast translation and revival project by Jarhead


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"My goal is to rid WebTV of Japan. This project has been running since March (my oldest WebTV project), and now it's finally time to show it off This translation covers everything.

Everything from simple UI elements like the error messages to offline features like What's WebTV have been fully translated, with recreations of screenshots in English.

Q&A Will this be usable on real consoles? Yes! It requires a custom DreamPi image, but once you flash that it's plug and play. When will this be coming out? Eventually.

Since WebTV requires a server, it will most likely launch alongside that. Get ready for WebTV day, everyone!

XPCat - Helped out with translations and pages
RebMillen - Helped out with a few technical hurdles
eMac - Wrote the tool needed to decompile the ROM"

"Microsoft WebTV Connection Kit (マイクロソフト ウェブ・ティービー接続キット), or simply WebTV for Dreamcast, is a Japanese-only disc that allowed users of Microsoft's WebTV service to access the Internet from their Sega Dreamcast.

As the software requires the Japanese WebTV service to work, which shut down sometime in March 2002 (compared to the prolonged lifespan of the American service, which lasted from 1996 all the way into September 2013), Microsoft WebTV Connection Kit is no longer usable officially."

"Any more questions? Join the WebTV Discord! https://discord.gg/qke279EUa8"

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