At a crossroads with my Saturn


Mid Boss
There was time when the only thing I'd play is my Saturn. As of late, though, that's simply a distant memory.

In recent months my Saturn has been collecting dust and sometimes a place to stack things upon (!). Instead, I've devoted my time to my Dreamcast (which at one time, only my sister played).

Truly though, I'm not very fond of this happening, so I ask you this, can you recommend some games to 'rekindle the love'?

Right now, I'm hooked on Virtua Tennis (I'm broke, I just recently bought it), MSR, and NBA 2K1. Once in a while, NFL 2K1. I'm really sick of 'fighters', by the way... I play MVC2 so I can simply earn the rest of the characters colors (I inexplicably stopped playing when there were 13 characters left).

Are there any saturn games that have the fun factor of Virtua Tennis? I know there is a Virtual Open Tennis, but I know nothing of it nor know what it looks like (no reviews @ Gamefaqs). How about the depth of MSR (in terms of World Circuit, etc.).

Sometimes I think the PSX is truly the much more powerful system simply because it has games like those (Gran Turismo 2).

I know almost every football game on the Saturn is crap (I own three, 2 maddens, and one horrid NFL'97), so that's out... I have NBA Live '98, and NBA Jam, but neither of those are remotely as 'pick-up able' as NBA/NFL 2k1 (ie no 2 on 2/ 3 on 3 in Live, and the football games just... stink).

How about Beat'em ups/ Brawlers? I have Die Hard Arcade, are there others? Guardian Heroes is too involving. Elevator Action is too... eh. Most of the games I have for the Genny are Action/Brawlers, so the lack on the Saturn (and the DC, to a lesser extent) is fairly troublesome.

The issue is the system is too involving. (This seems like a bad soap opera, bear with me) I'm afraid the system is going to get shoved into the back of my closet, like my Nintendo and Atari... there are roms w/ Savestate stuff, so my longing for them is always shortlived.

I know the Saturn had very little 3rd party support. But so did the Dreamcast. I'm not concerned with graphics, I'm more interested in 'fun factor' and that type of game where you can pick up and put down quickly; both MSR and Virtua Tennis have that quality where while the chapters are long and tedious, the races/contests themselves never are more than 10 minutes a pop (I'm all for quick fixes).

The saturn (right now, as far as my perception goes) is a truly niche type system, geared towards particular gamers. Two years ago I was all about that... not now.

Sunday I go home, to return my saturn back to my room, where it'll most likely sit for the next few years, unless something happens in the meantime. And as the for the Dreamcast... I'm thinking about buying a second one, because my sister plays it as much as I once played the Saturn...

Any ideas?
Sometimes I think the PSX is truly the much more powerful system simply because it has games like those (Gran Turismo 2).

I love 2D fighters/shooters...every fan of these gametypes should have a Saturn..